About Australian Shepherds

Sunset Farm Mini Aussies offers quality dogs and puppies for sale with health guarantees.  Our breeding program has been carefully planned with knowledge and commitment to produce the best dogs possible.  We want each owner to be able to love and enjoy their pets for many years.  Few breeds of dogs are capable of performing as many different jobs as the Australian shepherd.  The Australian Shepherd breed is intelligent and easily trainable.  They show common sense, problem solving abilities and a strong will to work.  Combining these factors with a coat that is easily groomed and incredible loyalty make for a great working and playing companion.  

Where there is no flock to protect, the Aussie protects his people instead.  Everything an Aussie does he does in a big way.  When an Aussie loves you, he loves you totally and unconditionally.  If you have an Aussie you will always have a dog as a shadow; you will never, ever be alone again.  The easiest way to torture an Aussie is to lock him outside or separate him from his people.  Aussies are very clean dogs.  They do not drool, and their personal habits are very clean.  Their silky coats shed dirt easily and even a muddy Aussie will be fairly clean after drying and brushing.