Miniature Australian Shepherds

Sissy~Black Tri

                                                   Sissy is Retired

She has Two Blue Eyes
She is 15″ tall and has a great build.
She is a Blue Eyed Tri producer and has beautiful Blue Merles.

Black Tri Australian Shepherd Miniature

Shasta~ Red Tri

Only 13″ tall and 14 pounds.
She has a great little personality and is super smart!
She can figure out things that the other dogs can’t and uses that to her advantage.
She produces Toys and Minis.

Red Tri Mini Australian Shepherd Female

Autumn~ Red Merle

Autumn is 15″ and has double marbled eyes.
She was bred from working dogs and likes to herd our goats into the barn.
She is probably the most laid back and easy going of all our dogs.


Chloe~ Black Tri

Chloe is only 14 1/2″ but has a real stocky build.
She weighs 33 pounds and is a little tank.
She is very sweet natured and loves to please.
She produces lots of beautiful Blue Merles.


Roxy ~ Blue Merle

She has double Blue eyes and is just under 14″.
She is our friendliest Dog and just has to have lots of love and petting.
She is happy to be with me when I’m out for a 20 mile run, or just laying on my lap watching T.V.
She has both Minis and Toys.

Roxy - Blue Merle Australian Shepherd Female Breeder